Storage of furniture and electronics and household appliances

Storing furniture for renovation can make the work much easier. Or maybe you have furniture that can be used later elsewhere.

Przechowywanie mebli
Przechowywanie dokumentów

Safe archive for documents

The place is very well protected against moisture, fire or weather conditions.

Garage for cars, trailers, motorbikes, quads

A warehouse with an area of 30 m2 can accommodate a lot of vehicles.

Garaż na auta

Warehouse base for construction and installation companies

Mały magazyn warsztat

Workshop, studio

A small workshop, working with convenient access, lighting and power supply. The container height is 2.5 m, which allows freedom of movement.

Magazine for e-commerce companies

At the beginning or even for a well-developed store, our warehouses are a great solution.

Mały magazyn - papier

Paper and cardboard storage

An example of the storage of goods.