Kraków Winnicka 52

  • Rejon Podgórze, Dębniki, Skotniki,
  • rejon ul Tynieckiej,
  • 5 min od węzła Tyniecka na obwodnicy A4,
  • 15 min od centrum.
  • 10 min na Ruczaj lub Skawiny.


Characteristics of the location

Convenient access is provided by a double-winged gate with four bolts. One to even four padlocks can be attached.

Individual alarm in each warehouse activated by a dedicated remote control.

Each warehouse has its own alarm system connected to a security company with rapid response patrols.

An alarm system connected to a security company that has the ability to send an intervention group.

dostęp 24/7

Unlimited access to the containers

Electrical installation in each container


Good accessibility for trucks making the unloading easy / Access for trucks with easy unloading

Direct driveway to the warehouse.

Access to a forklift